Science Chatter Qualifying your Researchers for Communication.

Who’s behind Science Chatter?

The public is eager to hear from scientists, and scientists are one of the most trusted professional groups. Many young researchers are eager to communicate their work, but they have difficulties finding the time, managing the necessary technical tools, and finding encouragement with their institution.

When Theresa saw this, working for the PIER Education Platform that qualifies young scientists for their careers, she put two and two together. From her experience as a  researchers and passionate science blogger, she devised a plan to help everyone out at the same time:

Young researchers would join a workshop, find encouragement and advice, and start blogging or producing a podcast right away. All the technical tools would be ready, so they would not need to worry about things like website hosting, audio equipment or institutional design guidelines. After the workshop, they would have a link to their own article or podcast episode, professionally edited and presented, to pass around to friends, family or colleagues, and to use as a reference for the qualification in science communication.

Institutions would get authentic content produced by their own, eager early career scientists. They might host this content on their own servers, or have the administrative burden taken off their hands.

Theresa had the technical and organizational skills. All that was missing was a coach to guide the young researchers through the process of making their ideas into an article or a podcast episode. 

That's when Theresa reached out to Michael, a physicist turned self-employed freelance science communicator with ten years of experience in writing popular science articles, presenting on stage, speaking on TV and radio and producing podcasts on physics and astronomy in everyday life and on the frontiers of science.

Together, they form a team competent in science, publishing technology and science communication: covering physics, astronomy, molecular biology, genetics, WordPress administration, audio editing and podcast production, public speaking, popular science writing, and workshop organization.

Reach out to us, and let's see how we can help you communicate science, qualify early career researchers and let the public know about your institution.

Theresa Schredelseker

Theresa Schredelseker, smiling, weraing a plaid shirt leaning on a railing outside

Michael Büker

Michael Büker with beard and hat, holding a book and looking at the camera, outside