Science Chatter Qualifying your Researchers for Communication.

Kick-off Science Chatter Hamburg

On 11-12 March 2021, 12 early career researchers from DESY and University of Hamburg came together to create something new.

They had signed up for a Science Communication Workshop on the PIER Education Platform with physicist and science communicator Michael Büker and geneticist and blogger Theresa Schredelseker.

Both the instructors and participants were not sure what to expect from this two-day course.

Now, after the course, we can all together very proudly present
Science Chatter Hamburg

Screenshot of Science Chatter Hamburg, taken on March 19, 2021

Thanks to all of you who were a part of this! It was blast!

Over the course of two days, PhD students and Postdocs wrote their very first blog posts. Thus, while learning how to write for a broader audience, they jump-started Science Chatter as a platform on which Hamburg-based scientists can share their stories.

This blog might not be as polished and shiny as what is created in most research institutions’ PR departments. Instead, and most importantly, it is young scientists themselves communicating to the public. The hope is that this platform will be used by other researchers in the future to get their messages out there, without the need to set up their own blog or website.

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