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Combining qualification of early career researchers and visible outreach.

Just bring your scientists. We'll take it from there!

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Educator or Manager

Are you an educator or coordinator looking for ways how to combine qualification of early career researchers with effective outreach for your institution?


Are you a researcher from any career stage who want to engage with the public by communcating science?

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Are you eager to learn about science communicated directly by researchers from various fields?

About the Project

What is it we do, how do we do it and what can you expect from cooperating with us? Read our concise concept document.

Find out who we've worked with, helping scientists communicate their research and make the mission of their institutions known to the world.

Get to know the people behind Science Chatter, and find out how the project got started.

Who we are

Theresa Schredelseker, smiling, weraing a plaid shirt leaning on a railing outside

Theresa Schredelseker

Theresa is a molecular biologist, experienced research manager and passionate science communicator. She loves genetics.

Michael Büker with beard and hat, holding a book and looking at the camera, outside

Michael Büker

Michael is a physicist turned self-employed science communicator. He is a highly succesful podcaster, author and science popularizer.

Early Career Researchers

Science Chatter would not be possible without all the amazing researchers taking part in our trainings and contributing their content.